There are many ways of trying to reach the customers attention and advertise your company. Leaflet or flyer distribution can be not only door-to-door but hand-to-hand as well. With our doo-to-door delivery we can guarantee you 100% your message will reach your target audience households but with our hand-to-hand distribution you can be sure that your message will reach the hands and eyes on your potential customers. We have specially trained people that can give an individual approach to anyone on the street and transfer your message with a smile and politeness. The way our distributors can hand out your leaflet to people is really unique and will catch the attention on the audience. It is always better when your delivery is accompanied with a human eye-to-eye contact and communication. This will make people feel they are special and valued and your flyer will have much bigger effect on them. Hand-to-hand delivery is just the way of leaflet distribution that can add to your message in your leaflet a human feeling. Feeling that will make the people not only pay attention to your direct marketing item but they will do this with pleasure and smile.

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