There is evidence that there has been human presence in Berkhamsted for more than 5000 years starting with the Iron Age through Roman times to the modern world. Certainly the most significant event in the history of the town has been held at the end of 1066. After the Battle of Hastings and the victory of William the Conqueror over the Anglo-Saxon army lead by King Harold the actual surrender of the Anglo-Saxons took place at Berkhamsted. From that time till the end of the 15th century Berkhamsted Castle was a favourite place for residence for many English Royals including Henry II and Eduard. In the medieval period the town has been known for its busy markets and prosperous wool trade. Nowadays a curious fact is that The Rex Cinema in Berkhamsted is considered as one the most beautiful in whole Britain described by Judi Dench as `absolutely awe-inspiring`.

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