Just several miles away from London with a direct and regular trains to the capital, Harpenden is a town with very high prices of the properties there, almost double above the average ones for the UK. Its population is almost 30000 and the town is also known for being one with the highest percentage of properties which are owner occupied. The town has many shops that you can find in many other English towns which include three central supermarkets, many clothes shops, bank offices, estate agents and others. You can also find many pubs, restaurants mainly of Italian origin. In Harpenden there are also many parks and green areas which create the charming rural atmosphere of the town.

If you are for example an estate agency in the area or a local gardener just try leaflet distribution in Harpenden and very soon you will understand the benefits of door-to-door delivery you will not regret for your decision of using it. The phones in your real estate agency office could start ringing and people asking about your sales or lettings services and about the properties that you are managing. In case you are a local gardener perhaps there are many people with large mansions with big gardens and for some time the owners of these houses have been trying to find the right professional gardener for their gardens that will finish a really good job for them. Just imagine that you could be the right person for them but they first should know about you and your services. You could get them know you by using leaflets or flyers. Just call us and we will do the rest.

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