Just in 20 miles north from London and approximately 20 minutes trip with a direct train from Kings Cross, Hatfield has been connected mainly with aircraft design and manufacture in which there were employed more people than in any other industry. This has been since 1990s when some significant changes have been made in this industry. Hatfield has big Odeon cinema with nine screens, a museum, an art gallery of modern arts, a theatre and a music venue. With its population of around 30000 the town is a place where you can easily popularize your local business and we can help you with that. Some of the famous people that lived in Hatfield in the past for much or less time are Queen Elizabeth I, actor Derek Martin, pop musician and producer Alan Shacklock and many others.

You will be surprised how effective door-to-door campaigns could be and to find out that it is much more effective than TV commercials and newspaper adverts and much cheaper for certain. If you just look for some more detailed information about different ways of advertising and their effectiveness you are going to find many interesting facts. TV commercials and newspaper adverts could be very impressive and effective but do they bring high results each time you use them? Just read the following! Most people just switch to another channel during TV commercials or pay no attention to newspaper adverts. These are actually the real facts and it`s better to pay a good attention to them before choosing your way of advertising. With your message in a flyer or leaflet you can be sure it will reach the hands of your beneficiary in Hatfield.

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