Hertford is the heart of the Hertfordshire and its county town despite its population of at about only 28000 citizens. The town is surrounded by water and it is situated in the middle of four rivers The Rib, The Beane, The Mimran and The Lea. Hertford is a town with many breweries and also has a big number of pubs - over 40. Compared with other towns in the area the town doesn`t have much modern shopping area and in it you can find mostly the usual supermarkets. There are also a variety of independent shops, boutiques and salons. Alfred Russel Wallace who suggested a theory of natural selection as Charles Darwin did and on the same time lived for some years in Hertford during his childhood years. Hertford might be the right place for you to expand your business with a memorable leaflet distribution campaign with us.

Our GPS tracking system can follow our distributors and vans in every part of the town and gives us full control of your door-to-door delivery in Hertford with us. This is an innovation in our business that we like very much and that just rise our company to upper level and help us prove to you our professionalism. After we prepare a distribution map for you according to your requirements our distributors will deliver your flyer or leaflet in the whole area of this map using the GPS devices. Each of their steps will be registered on our monitors and mark your distribution map. At the end of the campaign you will receive as a file this GPS marked map and will be able to see how accurate we have been in the distribution process.

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