Letchworth is the first garden city in the world and it influenced many other similar projects not only in UK but in many cities around the world. The town can offer plenty of interesting places to explore and it is a unique combination between living in a town and in the country. There are also many attractions in the town that will make your day off special and enjoyable for the whole family. One of the most prominent industries that developed in the town in the early years was the manufacturing of corsets. In 1920 he Spirella Company built a big factory in the town that resembled a large country house complete with ballroom and towers. In Second World War the factory produced also parachutes and decoding machinery. The factory was closed in the 1980s simply because corsets fell out of fashion.

Letchworth could be your perfect place for your next leaflet distribution campaign. Leaflet door-to-door delivery in Letchworth could open new doors for you and make your business highly successful and your brand well known. To make a brand really successful is not quite easy even if you don`t want to make a global known multinational corporation but just to make more customers among local communities. Of course there are many lucky ones which success came quickly mainly because of a good initial capital and taking most proper business decisions. However if you have started a small family company with a small budget the things are probably a bit different. In order to succeed most likely you should be hard working and taking every opportunity to get your business into the next level. Leafleting could be such an opportunity for you, just don`t miss it.

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